Jewish Education for our Youth

Temple Beth El

Jewish education for our youth and children encompasses formal classroom education at The Sandi Kupperman Learning Center Religious School, as well as informal learning opportunities and social activities for high school students through B'Yahad and our youth groups, USY and Kadima.

The Sandi Kupperman Learning Center

The Sandi Kupperman Learning Center is the educational arm of Temple Beth El, encompassing the religious school, youth groups, family education, and adult education. This is a place that offers engaging formal and informal learning opportunities, not just teaching Judaism, but celebrating and living it. There are classes and programs for all ages, from children to adults and families. We help our congregants build the skills that they need for a rich Jewish life while also building community.

Religious School and B'Yahad

Formal education at Temple Beth El takes place within the Sandi Kupperman Learning Center Religious School, with afternoon classes for grades K-7 and monthly scheduled Shabbat experiences. The Religious School's "Hebrew High School" is called B’Yahad and includes grades 8-12.

Youth Groups

Informal education at Temple Beth El falls under SCUSY, our local chapter of United Synagogue Youth (USY) and Kadima. Kadima is our youth group for grades 5-8, and USY is our youth group for grades 9-12.

United Synagogue Youth and Kadima inspire Jewish youth to explore, celebrate and practice ethical values, Jewish living, Zionism and community responsibility based on the ideology of the Conservative Movement. USY and Kadima offer opportunities for social interaction with other teens locally, regionally, and internationally!

This year’s USY and Kadima calendars will feature a full range of events and programs. Throughout the year, we attend sports events, regional events, overnights, travel experiences, holiday celebrations, and more! Join us for an amazing year.

Adult Education

Adult education at Temple Beth El appeals to a wide range of interests. We offer a wide variety of learning opportunities, including how to participate in the service, text study, ethical topics, film, cooking, travel, literature, and beyond! From drop-in Lunch & Learn programs to weekly classes, you can “just show up,” or come every week! Join us to expand your knowledge, skill sets, and sense of community!

Family Education

Family education is an integral part of our educational programming. Our goal is to form relationships, build community, and promote Jewish living beyond the synagogue through home-based activities, holiday programs, and experiential activities.

Temple Beth El
Temple Beth El

The Sandi Kupperman Learning Center Religious School

Our Mission

  • To provide a positive and supportive environment that nurtures the uniqueness of each student;
  • To provide students with a positive sense of Jewish identity and a commitment to the community;
  • To transmit Jewish values and ethics;
  • To enable students to acquire necessary tools to participate in a meaningful Conservative Jewish life and to acquire the skills necessary to participate in home rituals and synagogue life;
  • To offer opportunities for parents and children to experience Jewish life together and encourage parents to be partners in the education process;
  • To enable each student to find his or her own way to meaningful adult participation in Jewish life and acquire a desire for lifelong learning.

Jewish education at The Sandi Kupperman Learning Center Religious School provides creative learning experiences and innovative programming to help our children discover what it means to be Jewish. The teaching of Jewish values, traditions and sacred texts form the basis of our school curriculum.

Our aim is for each student to discover his or her own sense of Jewish identity -- to explore and experience who he or she is as a Jew and who he or she might become in the years ahead. To this end, religious education begins in Kindergarten and continues all the way through 12th grade (B’Yahad, our Hebrew High School). Student learning will be enhanced by the use of drama, music, art, technology and cooking.

Because the family plays a vital role in the formation of a child's Jewish identity, parent involvement is an integral part of our religious school program. Throughout the year, family programs are scheduled for our families with children as well as holiday celebrations.

Learning Objectives: Helping Our Children Become Literate Jews

Derekh Eretz - the Right Path

  • develop mutual respect for peers
  • develop concern for both the immediate community and the world-at-large via the Jewish values of tzedakah (charity) gimilut hasadim (acts of loving kindness) and tikkun olam (repairing the world).

Talmud Torah - Study

  • develop an appreciation of Jewish texts
  • study Torah in its ancient context
  • discover Torah’s relevance to our own lives

T’fillah - Prayer

  • Become familiar with standard Jewish liturgy
  • Learn basic davening skills
  • Encourage personal religious expression

Ivrit - Hebrew

  • Develop fluency in the Hebrew reading of prayers
  • Learn basic principles of grammar and syntax to enhance understanding of prayer text
  • Introduce Hebrew as a spoken language through words and phrases

Luah - Calendar

  • Develop an awareness of the Jewish yearly cycle
  • Study themes, rituals, concepts and history of Jewish festivals and holy days

Am-Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael - The People of Israel, the Land of Israel

  • Develop students’ sense of being connected to Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world

Doogmah - Example

  • Develop a sense of responsibility for one’s actions
  • Learn the importance of setting the right example for others

For more information and registration costs, contact Director of Education Caryn Resnick at or (413) 737-0170.


Kadima is the international youth organization for Jewish pre-teens in grades 5-8. It is sponsored by the United Synagogues of Conservative Judaism, and participates in some joint programs with USY. Kadima programs give members the opportunity to participate in fun, social activities with a Jewish twist!

The focus of Kadima focuses on tikun olam (repairing the world), Jewish holidays, and community involvement through programs that promote social responsibility and friendship. The yearly membership fee is $40, and entitles the member to attend any or all Kadima events, some of which require an additional fee.

Temple Beth El


United Synagogue Youth (USY) is an international organization affiliated with Conservative Judaism and devoted to social programs for teenagers. Temple Beth El’s chapter of USY participates in local, regional, and international USY events.

The core ideals of USY are ethical values, Jewish Living, Zionism and community responsibility, embodied in activities and programs that are both Jewish and social. USY is open to students in grades 9-12. The yearly membership fee is $50, and entitles the member to attend any or all USY events, some of which require an additional fee.