Tu B’Shevat, an ecological holiday

Rabbi Amy Wallk Katz   January 1, 2019

Tu BShevatI like knowing that we are not the first generation to become environmentally conscious. The Sages were aware that we are the caretakers of the world around us. According to rabbinic tradition, though created for our sake, the world does not belong to us. It is God’s. We have it on loan. And it is our responsibility to leave it for the next generation, unspoiled and intact. We have the ability and the responsibility to take proper care of our garden. If there were one holiday which challenged us to be environmentally responsible, it is Tu B’Shevat.

The challenge of course is how do we care for the environment? What are you personally doing to help maintain our environment? Recycling? Composting? Using “safe” products? Supporting environmental causes? Last year, Heather Wasilewski, chair of Shomrei Adamah, our environmental committee, along with Cantor Elise Barber, Andrea Chasen and David Lieber, offered several suggestions for ways you might be more environmentally engaged. Click the article links below to read about each topic.