Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning Classes


tbe education melton logoThe Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is an educational program for adults to study Judaism through Jewish texts, using a curriculum designed for adult learners.  There are no grades, no homework, and no tests.  The only prerequisite is a desire to gain a profound understanding of what it means to be Jewish.  Students at all levels of knowledge and practice are encouraged to discuss and question in a welcoming, interactive environment.

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is a comprehensive adult education program, sponsored in Springfield by Temple Beth El, JGS Lifecare, and the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts.  Partial funding for the Melton program is provided by the Jewish Endowment Foundation, a division of the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts.

Melton Foundations of Jewish Family Living

The Foundations of Jewish Family Living is a curriculum for parents of school-age children that provides a thought-provoking encounter with the core values of Judaism. Developed by the renowned Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, a project of The Hebrew University, the curriculum brings to life the master stories from our tradition and the profound messages they convey. This rich learning experience for adults will provide an opportunity for you to bring the Jewish conversation home to share with your young child. At a time in your family's life when your child is experiencing his or her own Jewish education, Foundations of Jewish Family Living provides you with the learning, the language, and the confidence to be a teacher to your own children.

This is what some previous students have to say about the class:

            “Foundations of Jewish Living was a great experience for my husband, Scott, and me. Many of our closest friends are ones we met at that program almost 9 years ago! Rabbi Katz does a wonderful job connecting Jewish concepts and values with everyday life, and bringing meaning to our beautiful traditions and heritage. The format of the program was excellent—we enjoyed the conversation and the participants, and it became something we would look forward to. It brought us much closer to the Jewish community, and helped shape our beliefs as Jewish parents and citizens.”
            - Tiffany Greene

            “The Foundations of Jewish Living was an amazing class. Both parents and children were fully engaged and our family is still close friends with many of the other families in the class. We bonded over our Jewish heritage and have celebrated many Jewish holidays and simchas together over the years.”

              -Amy & Mason Rapaport

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! This class is co-sponsored by TBE, the Springfield JCC, and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. Space is limited--there is a maximum of 25 students.

Dates: Saturdays, October 28, November 18, December 9, January 13, February 10, March 10, April 14, May 20, June 9
Time: 3:30 – 5:00 pm or 4:30 – 6:00 pm, depending on the date
Location: Temple Beth El
Instructor:  Rabbi Amy Katz
Tuition:  $75 per person, plus $45 for the textbook
Registration:  Contact Caryn Resnick at 733-4149

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