Book Discussion with Rachel Korazim

Sunday July 12th, 19th & 26th at 10:15am.

Join us for a special series of classes with Rachel Korazim, talented teacher of Hebrew literature. While in the past Rachel has taught our group poetry, this summer she will offer a class on Sami Michael’s book A Trumpet in the Wadi. This book take place in the Wadi Nisnass neighborhood of Haifa. The Wadi, as its dwellers refer to it, is inhabited by Arab citizens of the state of Israel. Shortly before the 1982 war in Lebanon, a Jew, a new immigrant from the Soviet Union (it was not yet former then) rents a room in one of the homes. Through his budding love affair with one of the daughters of his landlords, the texture of complex relationships unfolds. Jews and Arabs, Arabs in Israel and across the border and much more…. Sami Michael, born in 1926, made aliyah to Israel from Bagdad, Iraq in 1949. He sees himself as a Jewish Arab; namely, never denying his deep roots in Arab literature and culture. On the contrary – he celebrates both. Our close reading of this novel will reveal subtleties in the complex fabric of Israeli society.

Contact Rabbi Katz for more information and the Zoom link.