tbe board president dave ratnerDavid Ratner
President, Board of Trustees

I am a 3rd generation member of Temple Beth El. In fact, my great uncle, Dr. James Z. Naurison, was the 3rd president of TBE, serving from 1927-1929. My relationship with TBE is long and filled with many simchas, some sad days, and lots of wandering the halls when I was supposed to be in services or in class. When I was a youngster, my grandfather was the guy who made sure the morning minyans ran and, of course, had enough schnapps. My grandmother was a Shabbos regular and enjoyed many a Kiddush. I was a not-so-stellar student, but did manage to graduate from the United Hebrew School in the days when we went to Hebrew school 3 times a week.

After college in 1975, I moved right back to Western Massachusetts and started my business. In 1978, I imported Ellen to the community... who knew that would turn out to be one of the best things to happen to TBE! My relationship with TBE continued and strengthened with the bar/bat mitzvahs of my kids, and their involvement in USY.

During my wife Ellen’s presidency, I realized how important the synagogue is to the community and frankly, how much it means to me. It is an honor to serve and be among the past presidents and all the other volunteers who work so hard for this great shul.


Board Members 2016 2017

2016-2017 Board of Trustees

Front row, left to right: Joshua Weiss, Susan Weiss Firestone, Paul Farkas, Dave Ratner, Maxine Bernstein, Rick Ratner, Michelle Anfang, Elina DeAngelis, Charlotte Meyer, Susan Porter  Back row, left to right: Stuart Anfang, Jeffrey Mandell, Esta Farkas, Rhonda Goldberg, Ed Kline, Howard Hausman, Jonathan Starkman.  Not pictured: Ben Falk, Andrea Goldstein, David Hirsh, Marianne Kornblum, Allen Mackler, Dan Plotkin, Jeremy Powers, Eileen Rutman and Harlan Wahrman.

Maxine Bernstein
Vice President

Susan Weiss Firestone
Vice President

Daniel Plotkin
Vice President

Elina DeAngelis
Vice President

Rick Ratner

Michelle Anfang
Financial Secretary

Rhonda Goldberg
Recording Secretary

Paul Farkas
Immediate Past President


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